Optical cross connect ОКМ-5120-8SC-08-8Т-18К/2PLC8

Manufacturer code: ОКМ-5120-8SC-08-8Т-18К/2PLC8
Cable Type Optical
Product Weight ±10%, kg 1.7
Splice Closure Type Optical Cross Connect
Cassette Qty, pcs 1
Cassette Capacity 18/36 SPPKs
Max. Cassette Qty, pcs 1
Splice Closure Capacity 36
Cassette Type KBB-3645
Cable Grommet Qty (1 Side) 4 (round), 1 (oval) + 4 (round)
Lead-In Cable Permissible Diameter round: 4×Ø5...22 mm; oval: max. 4×Ø5...10 mm, max. 2×Ø28 mm w/o splicing
Non-Splicing Capacity Yes
Length, mm 507
Diameter, mm Ø230
Armour w/o armour
Grommet Sealing HST
Fiber Optic Port Qty, pcs 8
Adapter Type SC
Operating Temperature, °C Minus 60 °C to 70 °C

Optical cross connect ОКМ-5120-8SC-08-8Т-18К/2PLC8 description

Optical cross connects ОКМ-5120-8SC-08-8Т-18К/2PLC8 are designed to protect the fiber optic cable welding points. Optical cross connect OKM-5120 design allows to splice multiple cables together, and the expanded interior space allows to lay excess fiber chucks observing all tolerances.

Optical cross connect ОКМ-5120 with housing of impact-resistant polymer may be operated at temperatures from −60 °C to +70 °C.

The design features a plate for SC fiber optic junction boxes and an input/output adapter for optical cords to switch and connect subscribers with drop cables and external patch cords terminated with SC connectors.

Distinctive features of optical cross connect ОКМ-5120-8SC-08-8Т-18К/2PLC8

  • Availability of SC adapter installation plates for cross-switching terminated drop cables and optical cords used as low-capacity cross.
  • Spacious sealed case made of impact-resistant polymer.
  • Easily operated.

Configuration builder for optical cross connects


 Optical cross connect design

mvot k 36 4 4 t 1 36 sc 8 06

Overall dimensions of optical cross connect

mvot k 36 4 4 t 1 36 sc 8 07

Delivery set of optical cross connect ОКМ-5120-8SC-08-8Т-18К/2PLC8

Description Qty
- housing 1 pc.
- sealing gasket 1 pc.
- unique sealing mechanism 1 set
- splice cassette 1 pc.
- splice cassette bracket 1 pc.
- fastening device for load bearing components 6 pcs.
- consumables 1 set
- installation guide (at request) 1 pc.
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