Optical cross connect ОКМ-5120-36SC-08-8Т-54К/2PLC8

Manufacturer code: ОКМ-5120-36SC-08-8Т-54К/2PLC8
Cable Type Optical
Product Weight ±10%, kg 1.7
Splice Closure Type Optical Cross Connect
Cassette Qty, pcs 2
Cassette Capacity 18/36 SPPKs
Max. Cassette Qty, pcs 2
Splice Closure Capacity 72
Cassette Type KBB-3645
Lead-In Cable Permissible Diameter round: 4×Ø5...22 mm; oval: 2×Ø5…28 mm or w/o splicing; 4×Ø5...10 if round used
Non-Splicing Capacity Yes
Length, mm 507
Diameter, mm Ø230
Armour w/o armour
Grommet Sealing HST, mechanical
Fiber Optic Port Qty, pcs 36
Adapter Type SC
Operating Temperature, °C Minus 60 °C to 70 °C

Distinctive features of optical cross connect ОКМ-5120-36SC-08-8Т-54К/2PLC8

  • Availability of SC adapter installation plates for cross-switching terminated drop cables and optical cords used as low-capacity cross.
  • Spacious sealed case made of impact-resistant polymer.
  • Easily operated.

Optical cross connect ОКМ-5120-36SC-08-8Т-54К/2PLC8 description

Optical cross connects ОКМ-5120-36SC-08-8Т-54К/2PLC8 are designed to protect the fiber optic cable welding points. Optical cross connect OKM-5120 design allows to splice multiple cables together, and the expanded interior space allows to lay excess fiber chucks observing all tolerances.

Optical cross connect ОКМ-5120 with housing of impact-resistant polymer may be operated at temperatures from −60 °C to +70 °C.

The design features a plate for SC fiber optic junction boxes and an input/output adapter for optical cords to switch and connect subscribers with drop cables and external patch cords terminated with SC connectors.

Configuration builder for optical cross connects


Optical cross connect design

Overall dimensions of optical cross connect

Delivery set of optical cross connect ОКМ-5120-36SC-08-8Т-54К/2PLC8

Description Qty
- housing 1 pc.
- sealing gasket 1 pc.
- unique sealing mechanism 1 set
- splice cassette 2 pcs.
- splice cassette bracket 1 pc.
- fastening device for load bearing components 6 pcs.
- attachment plate for 36 SC adapters 1 pc.
- optical cord adapter 0 pcs.
- consumables 1 set
- installation guide (at request) 1 pc.
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