Multicable sleeve MG25-8x3,6

Color Black
Operating Temperature, °C Minus 40 °C to 60 °C
Splice Closure Weight ±10%, kg 0.006
Hole Quantity, pcs 8
Hole Diameter, mm 3.6

Multicable sleeve MG25-8x3,6 is installed into cable glands MG25 of optic fiber equipment housings to make sealed connections of optical cords from the equipment to optical adapters at the destination point. To connect optical cords, open the required number of ports with an awl or cut the sleeve longitudinally. The sleeve may also be used to install enclosures and boxes of electrical items into cable gland MG25 providing the electrical wire sealed connection at the destination point. When selecting other (additional) sleeve application areas and conditions based on operational feasibility, existing regulatory documents should be observed.

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